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12 February 2010 @ 12:18 pm
Welcome to despa_ameblo !

Translations are currently done by breadtoaster, crimson_deity, communistmuffin, iwasaki_momoko and thata23. We're an open community, but all translation posts are friend's only. Please read the rules before joining!

1. Do not share translations.
We work very hard on these and, while individual entries might not take very long to translate, there are a lot of them! We are taking time from our days to do these for no profit. None of us are completely fluent in Japanese so there may be some mistakes as well. We want the translations to stay here so that we are not responsible for starting false rumors based on a mistranslation. If you do wish to post these to another site, please ask all translators for permission.
2. Do not start fights in the comments.
Mania are part of an international community so we have users from all over the world, some of whom do not speak English with 100% fluency. Please do not be offended by people's comments and fight with them over it because they may have just misspoken without realizing! If you are offended or someone starts a fight with you, please message one of the translators/mods.
3. Posting to this community is limited to translators only!
If you have something you think is relevant to be posted up here, please let us know. If we think it is relevant, one of us will make a post for it.
4. If you have any complaints, please use the formal complaint form.
We are only regular people who sometimes make mistakes. The formal complaint form is located here. This is to ensure our community is run as smoothly as possible and that no one's feelings get hurt.
5. Once a month, we will be going through the member list and deleting anyone who has not been commenting lately.
Of course this doesn't mean you have to comment to every single post; just once or twice a week to show that you are alive and reading. This rule was not part of the "original" rules but we felt that our work was not being appreciated and so unfortunately had to add it.
6. And the most cheesy rule of all... have fun!
This community was started to share the hilariousness of D'espairsRay blogging with everyone who is not part of the Japanese-speaking mania, so please enjoy their entries!